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The bank is not giving me enough time to make the payment on my credit card account. How many days does the bank have to send the statement before the due date?

A credit card issuer may not treat a required minimum payment as late for any purpose if the minimum payment is received by the card issuer within 21 days after mailing or delivering the credit card statement disclosing the due date for that payment. This means if your minimum payment is received by the card issuer within 21 days after the statement is mailed or delivered, the card issuer cannot

  • increase the APR as a penalty,
  • report you as delinquent to a credit-reporting agency,
  • assess a late fee,
  • terminate benefits (such as rewards on purchases), or
  • initiate collection activities.

Credit card issuers must adopt reasonable procedures designed to ensure that they mail or electronically deliver statements at least 21 days before the payment due date.

Review your account agreement for policies specific to your bank and your account.

Last Reviewed: April 2021

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