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How do I transfer money from my financial institution to a family member or friend?

Verify with the institution you want to send money to or get money from that they can accept or send fund transfers. Ask about the fees associated with the funds transfer. The bank will require you to provide identification; make sure you have the required identification documents before you attempt to process the transaction. You should also understand the identification requirements of the bank you are sending money to and make sure that the person getting the funds has the required identification.

You will need the following information to process a wire transfer transaction:

  • The bank account number of the person you are sending money to. Generally, this number is located in the middle of a check or deposit slip.
  • The bank routing number (this is a nine-digit number that identifies the specific bank holding the account you are sending money to). Generally, the routing number is located in the lower left-hand corner of the check or deposit slip.
  • The physical address of the bank you are wiring money to.
  • You will need to confirm that the information you are providing to the bank is correct. Make sure you have gathered the correct information before you attempt to process the transaction.
  • Ask the bank to send you a transaction receipt by email or mail.

Last Reviewed: April 2021

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